About Us – It’s a Sale All Year Round!

Sale! 50% Discount! Flat 40% Off! …

Now what sort of emotions do these words conjure up? The happiness associated with these words – definitely a lot of people can relate to which drives almost everyone to buy, buy and then buy some more.

Every year people wait anxiously for the announcement of a sale from large departmental stores – be it a Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Zara, Louis Philippe etc.. Normally, these revered brands are beyond the reach of an ordinary mortal, but along comes a sale or discount offer and these brands come well within the reach of the price conscious customer. No wonder a sale / discount gets people rushing to these stores in large numbers.

But come to think of it – how many people actually know that these sales or discounts are available all year round!


Well it is true that some or the other store offers these discounts or sales all year round – it could be by way of a clearance sale, second’s sale or anything. And this is where SaleKhabree comes in.

The word ‘Sale’ needs no explanation and ‘Khabree’ is a Hindi word that literally translates into informant. SaleKhabree, as the same suggests is an informant of any Sale that happens around the country. This website is specifically targeted at anyone who would be interested in a sale – which means everyone!

A sale benefits both – you, the buyer and the seller – and that’s what SaleKhabree endeavours to do. You gain from lower prices, better bargains and more bang for your buck, while the seller gets more people that buy from them and make them aware of the brands.

SaleKhabree acts as a great facilitator by getting both to come together on this unique platform. If you are a bargain hunter looking for a sale, just log on to our website – www.SaleKhabree.co.in.